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【 Overseas Aid 】 Republic of Haiti

Help in Haiti

Cocoro no Vitamin Institute(CVI) is currently raising funds for Haiti.

Health Center for the Poor in Petii-place-Cazeau

The Republic of Haiti is located in the Caribbean Sea, and is considered the poorest country in Central America. The Initiative Against Hunger (IAH), one of the local NGOs in Haiti, has established a medical health center in Petii-Place-Cazeau, one of the poorest suburbs of Port-au-prince, the capital city of Haiti, and provides treatment for only a minor initial consultation fee, as well as immunization, health checks for children, food distribution, and AIDS prevention measures. Cocoro-no Vitamin Institute fully supports the activities of IAH.


The vision of Cocoro-no Vitamin Institute is to provide someone to talk to for everyone, to make everybody a counselor for somebody, to connect everybody to support each other over regional and national borders, and to create a peaceful and prosperous world. Cocoro-no Vitamin Institute is a space for each and every one of us to have our own vision, to take action with freedom and fun to contribute to the world.

Representative of IAH,Saintyl's Visit to Japan

Our representative director, Mrs. Hiromi Kurihara was moved by country director of Hunger Free World Mr. Miton’s vision to end hunger in Bangladesh by 2021, which is the golden jubilee of Bangladesh’s independence, and promised to hold a seminar called Vision, Leadership and Partnership to End Hunger in Bangladesh every year since 2003 till 2021. So far, people from many areas have participated, including HFW staff members and volunteers, professors of Dhaka University, media people.