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Urgent Requests!! We need your support for relief funds for earthquaked Haiti.

Help in Haiti

Cocoro no Vitamin Institute(CVI) is currently raising funds for Haiti.

You can donate some money with your credit card.

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Help people and Health Center devastated by the earthquake in Haiti.

The big earthquake hit Haiti Jan.12, which devastated the capitol city Port-au Prince completely. The casualty is said to be 3 million people with 50,000 to 200,000 deceased, which has become one of the worst catastrophe we have ever experienced.

Cocoro no Vitamin Institute (CVI), a nonprofit organization in Japan has been supporting a health center in Haiti, which is run by the local NGO organization Initiative Against Hunger (IAH). It was located near the capital
city, providing medical service, health care, prevention of AIDS and food supply programs for the poor in the area.

IAH Director, Saintyl Laguerre also lived in the devastated area, which was a big concern for us. It took a few days until we found out he was alive.
We also learned the health center was destroyed and he lost his house, leaving him no choice but to sleep on the street, now.

Having heard his situation, CVI is determined to expand our financial support as much as possible so that Saintlyl, our dearest friend and partner in Haiti would be able to rebuild the health center and to resume his activities
to help people in the area.

CVI is now promoting fund raising for Haiti.
We'd like to call out for your help.
You can send your love to Haiti together with your money through Cocoro no Vitamin.
Your money directly goes to Haiti. It will be sent directly to Saintyl, who knows what is the most needed by the local people who suffered from the disaster.

You never know how much your support would encourage and empower them.
Please help us and send your money to Haiti with your heart on it.
Let's work together.

Your understanding and financial contribution will be deeply appreciated.

Thank you!


You can donate some money with your credit card.

For those using a credit card for donation, click below ・・・