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Help in Haiti

Cocoro no Vitamin Institute(CVI) is currently raising funds for Haiti.

What is "Cocoro-no Vitamin Institute"?

Nowadays,many tragedies caused by mental issues are happening in Japan, including more than 30,000 suicides annually and many serious incidents.On the other hand, in the physical world, many people are suffering from hunger and poverty.With our vision "to eliminate both physical and spiritual hunger, and to create a world filled with love",Cocoro-no Vitamin was established in November, 2001.There are three main pillars in our activities such as "study group of mind","consulting" and "overseas aid". Some of the participants in our study groups have been voluntarily supporting our overseas aid programs, and spreading the ties between people on a grass roots level beyond our national borders.

Cocoro-no Vitamin Institute organizes the following activities:

Hiromi Kurihara, Chairman & Yukiko Ito,
Board member presented our activities in Bangladesh at the POV Trainers Conference.